Artifact: Acquainting Metro Atlanta Youth with STEM (AMAYS) – A Comprehensive Analysis/ Case Study on the Diffusion and Adoption of a Technological Innovation


Context: This innovation case study was performed as a requirement for the course LT 8200 –

Diffusion and Adoption of Technological Innovations. The artifact was chosen because it

demonstrates my knowledge, skills in the use of and use of processes and resources for learning

by applying principles, theories and research associated with media utilization, diffusion,

implementations, and policymaking.


Conditions: While a GRA and Project Manager for this NSF funded after-school program for

local middle-schoolers, I worked with Dr. Calandra, Principal Investigator, in managing the

project’s budget and schedule and other administrative duties as required. This access provided

a wealth of background knowledge that was invaluable in assessing feedback loops and

analyzing the AMAYS social networks.


Scope: In my “official” capacity as PM for the project, I worked closely with all members of

project team and so was able to understand the AMAYS social system well enough to effectively

discuss the diffusion and adoption process of this innovation.


Role: Instructional Designer, Project Manager