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Morehouse Scientific Literacy Center Job Aids



As a former Consultant and Project Manager for the Morehouse Scientific Literacy Center I was

asked to develop several job aids that instructors, guidance counselors, and high school

administrators would use to learn more about the Scientific Literacy Center and how to navigate

its STEM career portal. Ideally, these individuals would utilize the Center and its resources to

advise students interested in pursuing STEM as a career or major. The job aids highlight the

Center’s career portal, eLearning, Virtual STEM Advisor, scientific literacy survey, and STEM

pioneer biographies/interviews.



Kellye’s IDT Blog

Artifact:  IDT Blog


Kellye’s IDT Blog was my first experience at showcasing my writing, thoughts, and ideas, etc.

professionally online. I found my weekly blogging experience to be quite fun with topics ranging

from Rich Media and Cognitive Load to eLearning Graphics to My Experience Creating Avatars.

My blog was created as a requirement for LT 8000 – Foundations of Instructional Technology

and helped me to realize how important it was to 1) keep up to date with key trends in your

field; 2) stay connected with colleagues in your field through networking, blogging, etc.; and 3)

write or blog so that you can connect your thoughts and ideas (and/or real life experiences) with

theories and share/disseminate with your colleagues in various networks.




Using Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs)/Avatars to Enhance Learning

Artifact:  Getting to Know Skinner and Dale: My Experience Creating Avatars


In my blog I highlight my experience creating embodied conversational agents (i.e., avatars) using SitePal

for an assignment in the course LT 8000 – Foundations of Instructional Design and Technology.  I enjoyed

developing this artifact as I have experience working with ECAs to facilitate mentoring and enhance learning primarily

with students interested in STEM  careers.



Social Network Systems Analysis

Artifact:  Morehouse Scientific Literacy Center Social Network Analysis


An analysis of the Morehouse Scientific Literacy Center’s social system was performed as a

requirement for LT8200 – Diffusion and Adoption of a Technological Innovation. The document

describes the organizational social system components, relationships were analyzed, and

feedback loops were identified and described in extensive detail. The social system network

diagram and feedback loops are shown graphically using the online drawing software Popplet.




Online Learning Object Video Using PowerPoint, iMovie


This stand-alone online learning object is an instructional video developed to help high school

and college instructors, and high school counselors learn more about the Scientific Literacy

Center and how to navigate the STEM career portal. Ideally, these individuals would ultimately

use this knowledge to help advise high school students and college freshmen interested in

pursuing STEM as a career or major. The learning object was created several technologies

including PowerPoint and iMovie.  This learning object was developed as an assignment for

the course LT 8360  – Design and Development of Multimedia for Education & Training.


Artifact:  Scientific Literacy for STEM Majors Learning Object Video



Online Social Learning Activity

Artifact:  STEM Lesson: Mobile Cell Phone Use and the Risks of Cancer


This social learning activity was designed to encourage collaboration and active participation for

high school seniors and freshmen college students interested in STEM. Avatars, journal articles,

YouTube videos, and a Discussion Board were all incorporated into the lesson to help keep

learners engaged and help guide their learning. WordPress and SitePal were tools used to

develop the activity.  The activity was created as an assignment for the course: LT 8360 – Design

and Development of Multimedia for Education and Training



Instructional Technology Project Plan & Activity Log



The Acquainting Metro Atlanta Youth with STEM (AMAYS) Project Plan was developed as a part

of my role as Intern and Project Manager for this NSF funded, after-school program for local

middle-schoolers. In my role as PM, I worked with Dr. Calandra, Principal Investigator, in

managing the project’s budget and schedule and other administrative duties as required.

Fortunately, I was able to use the development of the Project Plan to “ramp up” and become

familiar with the history of the project, its goals and objectives, project scope, team roles and

responsibilities, and budget. The Activity Log was helpful in developing an extensive list of

project milestones with assigned resources and tentative due dates. The Project Plan

document was forwarded to the PI for future use on the project.




IDT Historical Timeline

Artifact:  Kellye’s IDT Historical Timeline


This timeline was created as an assignment for LT 8000 Foundations of Instructional Technology.

The timeline spans a period from the 1900s to the present and explains the history of

instructional design and technology (IDT). I wanted to be creative in my delivery so I chose to

use Prezi in designing the presentation. I had not used the online software before but found it

fairly easy to use. Within the timeline, I identified key trends, acknowledged pioneers in the

field, and described key principles and concepts. Included are links to Dale and Skinner Avatars.