ArtifactMorehouse Scientific Literacy Center Project Plan


Context: The Morehouse Scientific Literacy Center Project Plan was developed as a requirement

for the course LT8150 Managing Instructional Projects. This artifact was selected because it

demonstrates my knowledge and skills in planning, organizing, coordinating, and supervising

instructional technology by applying principles, theories and resources associated with projects,

resource delivery systems and information management.


Conditions: Prior to the course, I was hired as a Project Management Consultant to the Center, and was

responsible for developing an online portal for HS and college freshmen students interested in

STEM. In developing this project plan for the Center, I was able to utilize my “real world”

experience and apply current project management skills as well instructional design and

technology theories, principles, and concepts learned in the course.


Scope: Develop a project plan for the Scientific Literacy Center that includes an outline of goals

and objectives, Project Scope Statement, Team Roles and Responsibilities, Risk Management

Plan, Communications Plan, as well as other basic project management documents.


Role: Instructional Designer, Consultant/Project Manager