1. Formative Assessment for Evaluating and Assessing Online Learning A
  2. Formative Assessment for Evaluating and Assessing Online Learning B


Context: These sample quizzes were developed as a requirement for the course LT 8050 – Evaluation and

Assessment of Online Learning. The artifacts were selected because they demonstrate my knowledge and skills in

evaluating the adequacy of instruction and learning by applying principles, theories associated with

problem analysis, criterion referenced measurement and formative evaluation.


Conditions: In developing the quizzes, the goal was to make certain there was sufficient

content validity and reliability. I did this by making sure that the assessments measured what it

was supposed to measure and also that the test results should produce consistent results over

time. The online assessments were developed using Flexiquiz.


Scope: Using the online assessment tool Flexiquiz, develop different types of formative

assessments (multiple choice, T/F, constructed response, etc.) that accurately evaluate and assess learners’

knowledge and understanding of instruction.


Role: Instructional Designer