Artifact: How the Discovery Process Works eLearning Activity Using Udutu


Context: This eLearning assignment was a requirement for the course LT8360 – Design and

Development of Multimedia for Education and Training. The artifact was chosen because it

demonstrates my knowledge and skills to develop instructional materials and experience by

applying principles, theories and research associated with print, audio visual, authoring tools, and

other integrated technologies for eLearning.


Conditions: This eLearning “do activity” was taken from a lesson titled How the Discovery

Process Works which was part of an eLearning course developed by and for the Morehouse

Scientific Literacy Center. I wanted the Learners to experience applying information and

knowledge gained from combining several hands-on practice activities with readings, discovery,

and a few simple games that measured their knowledge and understanding of content.

Udutu, a free eLearning authoring tool, was used to design the lesson.


Scope: Create a standalone learning object using Udutu authoring tool


Role: Instructional designer and developer